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Mục tiêu nghề nghiệp

I am hard working person, careful, honest , detail and I always friendly with every one. My friend evaluated me as a person that active, creative and intelligent. I always complete my work in deadline

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Kinh nghiệm

  • 2020 - 2020
    A-Tech automotive VN Co., LTD

    General accountant staff

    + Make documents of initial produres for a new business.
    + Make accounting file, rearrange accounting documents.
    + Input data from documents into software.
    + Checking economic transactions arise.
    + Make report about cash and bank of company every day.
    + Manage cash, bank
    + Make Financial report.
    + Check the errors of invoices, contracts. and tasks assigned by Director.

  • 2019 - 2020
    SanLim Furniture VN Co., LTD

    Accountant Staff

    + Follow up cash of company. Making cash payment vouchers, cash receipt vouchers.
    + Payment in advance. Follow up advance
    B: Bank:
    + Follow up and control bank account.
    + Input payment vouchers into accounting software.
    + Checking and compare Acc 112 with bank statement.
    C. Others
    + Follow up receivables, payables, check revenue, cost…
    + Make VAT report, PIT, CIT report.
    + Monthly, follow up fixed assets, tools, warehouse and other related tasks.
    + Checking warehouse every quarter.
    + Make financial report and accounting balance sheet, bank report..

  • 2012 - 2018
    Yuuki Mold and Plastic Vn/ SamHwan Vina/ Samil Vina...

    Accountant Staff

    + Checking mistake of VAT invoices. Make monthly VAT reports, report warehouse monthly, quarterly. + Make payment file and contact Banks to transfer money to suppliers on internet banking. + Record data into accounting software. + Numbering the accounting vouchers and input them into the accounting software. + Every month, print accounting books and send them to chief accountant for approval, such as warehouse reports, VAT reports, cash receipts and payment’s voucher. + Accounting income, expenses, depreciation of fixed assets, tools, instruments, liabilities receivable, payables, tax reports, PIT reports, CIT finalization. + Helping chief accountant to make VAT refund documents to send to the Tax department. + Keep cash of company. + Follow up: importing and exporting inventory of materials, tools, … + Arrange accounting vouchers, print and save accounting vouchers according to month, quater, year. + Work with Auditors and Tax authorities when they come to company for checking. . + Accounting of reasonable and unreasonable expenses from the Visa card bills of the Boss. + Check and compare bank accounts with bank statement. + Make accounting balance sheet + Checking and compare detail books and general accounting books. + Pay salary for employees.Make accounting file + Make financial daily report about cash and bank every day. + Compare the difference about detail account books and general account books. + Finding accounting documents for Auditing when they come to company for checking. + Follow up material ( In- Out- balance) + Export Output VAT invoices. + Help other colleagues at work…

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